Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

We don’t need to keep repeating the history of the homelessness in Australia.

We don’t need to keep repeating the history of the homelessness in Australia. This why Community Friends is an essential part of homelessness prevention in Brisbane. 

Can you help us? Do you have a premises or work where a Food Donation Box would successfully collect a reasonable amount of food for us? Can you buy Food Donation Boxes for us? Can you sponsor Food Donation Boxes for us? Do you have a connection that can help us acquire van for Food Donation Boxes pick-ups? We don’t need to own the van, we just need to have full access to it. Do you have a storage area we can use?  

People know that they can come to Community Friends in West End every Wednesday and hopefully get enough food for themselves for 3 days. This is an enormous stress release for them. It enables them to prioritise paying their rent. 

Without Community Friends they would have to decide, am I going to eat enough this fortnight and be homeless or am I going to pay my rent and eat from dumpsters, rubbish bins, beg for food or steal from people/shops/houses or use violence to get money or a combination of the above etc. 

These are decisions that people make every week. Once they decide to not pay their rent for one fortnight, they can easily spiral into chronic homelessness and poverty.  

The problem Community Friends is having, is that we used to always say “we provide enough food for our clients for 3 or 4 days every week”. We can’t say that anymore.  

If you can’t help us as listed above, then maybe you can spare 50 cents a day to help someone in need.

As always, if you can’t afford that, maybe we can help you. 

You are welcome to collect food (or check us out, to make sure we are the real deal) at the corner of Vulture Street and Thomas Street West End 4101 (39 Thomas Street West End 4101).  

We recommend people arrive 2:30pm for a 3:00pm start every Wednesday. 

Mark McDonnell, founder of Community Friends and Dawn Daylight a much loved local and proud Yugerra/Turrbal/Jarrawoir woman.

This is a genuine plea. We NEED help. 

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