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Community Friends is a local South Brisbane registered charity organisation that provides various levels of support for disadvantaged individuals in West End and greater Brisbane.

community-friends-020Community Friends is an independent non-for-profit organisation that does not rely on continuous Government funding, nor is the organisation affiliated or allied with any other group or religious organisation.

The charity was founded in 2011, out of a need identified by Founder and Director Mark McDonnell for the provision of food and clothing for those less fortunate.  In 2015, Community Friends provided over 60,000 meals to the members of our local community most in need.

Today the organisation provides thousands of meals each week for free to those living on the street and on the poverty line at serious risk of homelessness.

Additionally, the charity donates clothes, sheets, blankets, shoes, towels, cutlery, crockery and other essential items.  Community Friends helps connect those most at need with other support services including counselling and health services.

At the heart of Community Friends is the fact all services and assistance is donated free of charge.

The majority of services and food distribution is facilitated at the Bunyapa Park, West End (located at the corner of Thomas and Vulture street). 

Additionally food is distributed directly to where homeless and people at risk live – e.g. parks, boarding houses etc. (It should be noted that while we currently have permission from the BCC to use Bunyapa Park, they would STRONGLY prefer we not use it and find a separate property to distribute the food and other items from).

Community Friends key geographical areas are inner Brisbane CBD, West End, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, and Fairfield. The organisation also supports people in Logan City when there are sufficient resources available to do so.

Between 200 – 300 people each week rely on Community Friends for food, clothing and to keep themselves warm.

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