There are some people who have made a critical difference to Community Friends at critical times. The first was Rodger from Creative Cuisine whose first donation was $70,000 worth of frozen dinners.

We have a Major Donor who makes a large donation once a year. Her donation funds over 90% most of what we do, it really makes all the difference.

I also met a standard, salary and wage earning, accountant at a party when Community Friends was smaller. He had been looking for a charity to donate to. At the time we were spending $100 a week at the foodbank. He has donated $100 a week since then.

On top of this, we have about a dozen people who make a fortnightly or monthly donation. Each year Club Cares and the Property Club host a Winter Clothing & Bedding Collection for us.

Thank you Northey Street Organic Markets and Foodbank Qld

I am like everyone else. I have lots of challenges. One of my challenges is that we have more people needing food, than we have food to giveaway. We spend (what I consider) a lot of money buying food each week. We buy it very cheaply, but it is still costly for a charity that receives no government funding.

I am very grateful to the Foodbank for putting me in touch with the Northey Street Organic Markets. They have excess organic fruit and vegetables available at the end of Sunday’s markets that they can donate to Community Friends.

Today they gave Community Friends 17 boxes of various, organic fruits and vegetables. This is a real Godsend to those in need. We have around 150 people turn up each week to our food giveaway. By the time the last people are going through, most of the food is gone. This extra 17 boxes will make a difference.


If you can drive an automatic truck that only requires a car license to drive and are available to volunteer to pick up fruit and veges most Sundays, please email me at for more details.