Supporting the homeless

Via the provision of food, clothes, blankets, housing and other materials. Through these tangible goods, Community Friends aims to improve homeless individual’s physical and mental well-being, whilst increasing their safety, security and general health. At the heart of supporting the homeless is providing basic “needs”, and assisting them with support and pathways to transition back into society.

Supporting those at risk of becoming homeless

Prevention is integral to reducing homelessness. It is better to prevent someone from becoming homeless in the first place, than trying to solve their problems once they become homeless. This is achieved by providing them with food, clothes, blankets and supportive services, including counselling and medical care. From time to time, Community Friends has provided a week or two of rent for our clients. We have never received any government support for these activities.

Supporting the disadvantaged

Prevention continues to those in the community that are disadvantaged. People often who are disadvantaged have a higher risk of becoming homeless.