Mark McDonnell founded Community Friends in 2011, identifying a serious need for support in the form of housing, food and associated support services.  Mark continues to be an integral part of Community Friends in the role of Managing Director.

Mark McDonnell

With significant experience in health services having worked as a registered general and psychiatric nurse, Mark has formal qualifications in General and Psychiatric Nursing, and a post Graduate Bachelor of Nursing.

In addition to his medical qualifications and experience, Mark holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Mark was the first male to become a member of the National Council of Women of Queensland. He was also the State Adviser for the National Council of Women of Queensland for the portfolio of Habitat, dealing with issues of poverty and homelessness.

Mark McDonnell has received numerous awards and been featured in notable publications for his tireless humanitarian work.

Most importantly Mark is relied upon and respected as a figure within the West End community helping the disadvantaged every day by providing support and creating sustainable pathways out of homelessness.