Christmas magic is made of family, friends and community.

Mark McDonnell

Christmas Day Breakfast and Lunch

Every Christmas Day, we hold a free Community Christmas breakfast(from 7:30am) and lunch (from 11am) on Christmas Day. We have our homeless and/or disadvantaged clients attend. We also have many members of our community come, who like to share some time with us, our clients and others in the community.

We would love for you, your family and/or friends to join us. Please come and help us make this a community-based Christmas to remember. Some of our clients may need some help with food, or help with feeling welcome, or just being included. Some thrive on having someone willing to listen to their story or just feeling accepted as part of the community.

It will be easy to identify some of our clients as being homeless/disadvantaged, but others you won’t be able to identify, and that is good. We want our Christmas Day event to be a community event for everyone. Christmas Day can be a very lonely day for some. Your companionship or smile can make the world of difference to those who come.

We often don’t know the impact we have on others. A cheery face, a smile and an open ear can make a huge impact on someone.

If you would like to bring something, please do. Just let us know and make sure you keep perishable hot food, hot (over 60 degree Celsius) or perishable cold foods, cold (under 5 degrees Celsius). 

It is being held at the same place we have been having our Christmas Day event for the past 10 years. It is at the corner of Russell St and Boundary St West End, Brisbane. We kick off at 7:30am and finish about 1:30pm. Come anytime you like. Feel free to leave when you like. Bring friends and family. The more the merrier.

If you have any further questions or want to let us know what you are bringing, either ring Candi on 0405 366 520 (or myself if you are unable to contact Candi). My phone number is 0418 754 900. Candi can be emailed at

We will also have some Christmas presents for people of all ages. If you want to bring a present, please label the present for who it is targeted at. For example, gift for girl/boy aged 7 to 11 years of age, gift for man, gift for woman.

Please share this email/post with your friends and family.  

Every Wednesday, (rain, hail or sunshine) we have around 150+ homeless and/or disadvantaged people turn up to our food giveaway. In addition to perishable and non-perishable food, we also offer several hot meals to all our clients every Wednesday. We like to give away sufficient food for 3 or 4 days for everyone who attends. If you know someone or a family who needs food assistance, please refer them to us. We are here to help.

(For the sake of clarity, legal and insurance purposes, members of the community who attend aren’t considered “volunteers”, but as members of the community who have decided to join us on this day).

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Till next time
Mark McDonnell
Community Friends. 


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